Workshops & Classes

Our workshops & classes focus on health and wellness, spirituality and well-being. Monthly schedules will include informative and educational health issues such as alternative therapies, fitness and exercise, Yoga & Dance, as well as spiritual development, meditation, relaxation and stress management, Reiki Certification, readings for small groups, and more… 

Check our calendar for the new upcoming  workshops & classes. We are open to any suggestions or recommendations regarding future offerings and/or instructors.

Are you looking for a space to teach a class or hold a workshop?  Some of the requirements to present at AWC are: You must have a starter group of 3 or more people already interested in taking your class/workshop.  You must have had training or certification in your subject matter.  You must be respectful towards other practitioners and their services at AWC.  AWC offers promotional support via advertising in our monthly calendar, newsletter, blog and website. If you think this is something we can help you with please contact Debee or Susan @ 413-592-2828 and we’ll see what we can do.

School of Self Transformation:

Our world is changing, we all know it, we all feel it. The old ways we’ve related to our lives and to the Earth are shifting. We need to establish our connection to our strength, our root, we need to simplify and reconnect with the natural world and each other.

The School of Self Transformation is all about learning the tools and gaining the confidence that is needed to move into the New World, aware and serene. We need to be clean, clear and self defined.

The School of Self Transformation… a place to learn practical tools, techniques and processes to allow us to maintain a harmonious balance within all the aspects of our lives. It is a place to reconnect with the Earth and her wisdom and a place to build community by sharing our unique gifts and talents with each other for the benefit of us All.

We hope you will join us for what can only be called, an Expansive Experience, a deliberate opportunity to grow and to learn about ourselves and each other through knowledge, understanding, connection, love, compassion and support.

“My connection is with Nature. I continually seek to bring myself in alignment with that which is real, natural and true. Yes, I have degrees and experience in the outside world yet my greatest strength is my ability to commune with the Natural world through working with energy. Energy surrounds and enlivens us, it is the very essence of our physical bodies, the world around us and creation itself. I want to share the principles that I have learned and utilized to nurture my heart’s desires in the world — energy, manifestation, receptivity and creation. My intention is to offer the opportunity for all of us to manifest and birth our deepest inner desires and to bring to fruition the highest evolution of our Soul and our Spirit.” ~ Rachel Ginther


From psychic fairs to workshops & classes to personal readings. The insight of a reading can help you seek clarity in your life’s situations, as well as provide you with spiritual guidance and comfort. Personal readings available by appointment.

Self Discovery and Development Services:

Due to the recent and overwhelming demand for services such as counseling, coaching, wellness, and healing we have many types of sessions available that may help you manage the overwhelming feeling of hectic schedules, stress and constant demands from work and home. Moon Group is the 3rd Friday of the month from 7-9pm with Sharon D’Angelo. Cost $20 cash

Classes:  (these classes listed below are not available at this time)

Yoga is a practice that combines exercise, breath and meditation to help you achieve increased flexibility and strength, as well as enhanced relaxation and centeredness.  New to Yoga?  We recommend you start with a gentle or beginner’s class.

Body Groove is a simple easy form of movement (dance) exercise that anyone can do. Most importantly, you do not need any dance experience to take this class. This fun free-style dance allows one to be creative in their movement – you can’t get it wrong! The instructor, Debee will lead you throughout the class and you’ll simply create your own style. This class is for anyone who wants to find their groove, exercise without boredom, and bring some fun back into their lives!

QiGong / Tai Chi draws from ancient traditions and make it relevant to modern life – focusing on healing, growth, opening, connecting, working towards embodied wholeness and relaxation, while feeling grounded and centered. Tai Chi forms are also taught in this class. This gentle practice of physical conditioning is an exquisite choreography of flowing standing postures. Tai Chi fosters balance, awareness, and grace through meditation in motion, with an emphasis on body alignment. Soft and deliberate movements foster sound body and mind, boosts the immune system and creates a more focused and relaxed state of mind. Beginners – no experience required! Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

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