Classes/ Workshops/ Special Events:

LIMITED classes due to Covid-19! 

Not Available > Beginner Yoga with Heidi MacEwen.  Not available right now – Mondays @ 6:45 – 8 pm. Gentle Stretching for strength, better balance and flexibility. $15 drop-in or $65 for 5-week series. (1st class ~ drop-in only $10 or $50 for 5-weeks)

Not Available > Beginner Yoga with Cindy Senk. Not available right now – Thursdays @ 5:45 – 7 pm. Gentle Stretching for strength, better balance and flexibility. $12 drop-in  (1st class ~ drop-in only $10)

Not Available > Body Groove Dance with Debee Boulanger.   Not available right now – Join the World Groove Movement! Body Groove is a simple easy form of movement (dance) exercise that anyone can do. Most importantly, you do not need any dance experience to take this class. This fun free-style dance allows one to be creative in their movement – you can’t get it wrong! The instructor, Debee will lead you throughout the class and you’ll simply create your own style… promise – it’ll be FUNtastic!!! Classes will be TBA – Not available right now – 

> Monthly Moon Group with Sharon D’Angelo. Learn to work with the power of the different phases of the moon, create balance using the elements, honor our ancestors and their connection to nature, explore ritual and create positive change in your life. On-going* scheduled typically every 3rd Friday @ 7-9PM  ~ Cost $20. *Sign up & join this group at any time! LIMITED to 10 people!!!

Reiki I Training  with Susan Lecuyer. Learn how to work with Universal Energy using Reiki with a touch of Shamanic Healing practices. ~ Cost $250 per Level includes Materials evening classes ~ Reiki  Dates: call for details 

Not Available > Monthly – DETOXification* Sessions – Ear Coning, Lymphatic, Ionizing Foot Bath & Far Infrared Sauna with Rachel GintherNot available right now –  (*not a clinic for drug and alcohol rehab) Every day we are exposed to about 50,000 chemicals from the environment resulting in hazardous heavy metals that get stored in our body. Try an inexpensive, simple, painless, soothing method that can aid in the detoxification process. Cost~ 30-min. Foot Bath $40; 20-min. Sauna $10; 60-min. Ear Coning w/ mini lymph session $75;  Lymphatic Session $75; Galvanic $30; Kansa (intro rate) $40 ~ by appt. only!

Dates Not available right now – *Wednesday & Thursday Dates 2020 ~ 

We kindly ask that you pre-register for ALL of our classes & workshops 

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