Swedish Massage/Stress Reduction

Swedish style massage is a great way to improve your health both physically & mentally. Therapeutic massage is a remarkable tool for helping to manage stress, anxiety or depression. Massage can benefit those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, TMJ, repetitive strain injuries, as well as neck pain, back pain, chronic pain, and respiratory conditions. Massage is also recognized as valuable for improving circulation of blood and lymph, relaxing tense muscles, reducing pain, improving flexibility, inducing general relaxation, restoring energy, improving sleep, and promoting healthy skin. Swedish massage uses a combination of slow and swift gliding strokes with both gentle and firm pressure.

Deep Tissue/ Injury Rehabilitation/ Sports Massage

Therapeutic massage helps with injury rehabilitaion, post-exercise soreness, pain or tingling in arms or legs, injuries, and injury prevention, as well as pain or restriction in joints. This type of therapeutic sports massage is preferred by athletes for optimum maintenance and overall wellbeing. The deep tissue pressure is adjusted to the level of preference for each client.

Hot Stone

Ahhh… the penetrating heat of the smooth stones warms the body which begins to elicit deep relaxation almost immediately. This massage helps to sooth the nervous system and melts the effects of stress, tension and pain. The heated stones are especially helpful for people with fibromyalgia, arthritis and those recovering from injuries. Athletes find it helps muscles after a strenuous workout. Warm up with a hot stone massage… most inviting when the weather is cold and damp. Although some clients love the healing heat of the hot stones year round.

Couples Massage

This massage has all the benefits of a Swedish Massage… relaxing, stress and pain reduction. Share the wonderful feeling of a great massage with your partner – one room and two therapists. Couples experience a heavenly massage together, which makes for a great date night. Warning: Extremely Blissful… the ultimate in RELAXATION! Great Anniversary Gift!

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral is a fully clothed light touch massage targeting cranium and sacral areas which addresses the cerebral spinal fluid. Craniosacral can be helpful in decreasing anxiety, stress and depressive symptoms.

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes tremedous changes. Pregnancy massage uses mostly Swedish massage techniques to help minimize stress, promote relaxation, enhance restful sleep, increase flexibility, relieve muscle tension including upper and lower back pain, swelling of hands and feet, headaches, calf cramps, insomnia, and sciatica. Suggested massage after the first trimester, the client will lie on her back and side using several pillows to prop for comfort.

In the postpartum period, it is as important to care for yourself as it is during your pregnancy. Postpartum massage can help you handle the physical demands of caring for a newborn by reducing tension and increasing energy. On the emotional level, postpartum massage can nurture and comfort you whether or not you are experiencing postpartum blues.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a short massage usually lasting 5 – 30 minutes, which is the length of a typical work break. It is done using no oil, by a professional massage practitioner, while you sit, fully clothed, in a specially designed portable chair. The massage usually covers the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands but can be adapted to the individual’s needs.


We have over 7,000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet, making them quite sensitive and responsive to the sensory input of Reflexology. The body is reflected in your feet. Reflexology approaches the body as a whole with interrelated systems. The practitioner uses a skillful application of pressure to specific reflex points in the feet or hands, which creates physical changes that can bring about balance, ease, and enable healing energies wherever in the body they are needed.


Reiki uses “Universal Life Energy” to address both chronic and acute conditions, which gently and powerfully promotes balance among all the body’s systems, as well as the normal regenerative processes of the body and mind. Many ancient cultures embraced the belief that life energy flows throughout the body and deeply effects our wellbeing. Any imbalances or disruptions in the life energy flow can correlate to physical, mental, and emotional illness. Reiki complements medical treatment, massage therapy, pschological counseling, and is appropriate for patients in any state of health. Reiki is gentle enough to offer support and reduce discomfort of pain on many levels. Many patients report a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. (We also offer Reiki Training)

Energy Session

Energy Session can help clear the aura, realign and open the chakras, and increase the optimal energy flow deep within the body and mind. This session will help one open the third eye, gain clarity and awareness, feel fully present and grounded, increase energy, as well as experience deep peace, relaxation and embrace the healing process.

MultiDimensional Transformation 

Higher level of healing with the New Paradigm! Working with the Highest Vibrational Energy from Source and the Violet Flame, this work can help one with deep releases and healings in this life as well as past lives. This type of energy healing session can include working with mysts, essences, stones & crystals, as well as auras, polarities & chakras.

Detoxifing Sessions

A few of the benefits of Detoxifying your system are:
·> Release Toxins & Heavy Metals
·> Enhance Immune System
·> Lose Weight

Everyday we are exposed to about 50,000 chemicals from the environment, water, and food we eat thus resulting in hazardous heavy metals that get stored in our body. When toxins are present in the body, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired, which inhibits the body’s immune system, making it difficult for the body to fight disease. In order to maintain a productive life, detoxification is a necessity. Detoxifying the body has been a familiar modality to all ancient healing traditions, including Ayurvedic, Egyptian, Chinese and Native American for thousands of years. The Far Infrared Sauna and Ionic Footbath are two simple, painless, comfortable, soothing methods that can aid in the detoxification process.


A Story of Autism Recovery: How Ionic Footbath Sessions Helped My Son with Autism Lose His IEP
by Lori Knowles-Jimenez, GM and Director of New Beginnings Nutritionals
My son Daniel was born in 1998 and was diagnosed with autism at 2.5 years of age. I quickly explored all options and embarked on a biomedical treatment pathway to help heal the underlying issues that were contributing to his autistic symptoms. I began with the gluten/casein free diet, added supplements, yeast and bacteria treatments, oral low-dose chelation with DMSA, speech and occupational therapy, along with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Over a four year time period, all of these treatments brought slow and steady progress. I was a mother that was willing to consider any treatment that might help my son, as long as it would not cause harm.
By the time he was in second grade, he had progressed well with his speech and language and academic skills, but he still had some ways to go with his ability to stay focused, and on task while at school, especially when working on assignments and projects. Homework was a struggle every evening. He would whine and ask for help, saying he didn’t know what each answer should be. He could only get through it with constant help and prompting from me. At my request, his teacher send home daily notes ranging from 1-5 (with 1 being bad and 5 being good) to indicate what type of day he had, especially in regard to being focused and staying on task. He mostly received between 1’s and 3’s, with an occasional 4, but seeing the lack of progress in this area was very discouraging to me.
I first heard about the ionic footbaths from my boss, who is a PhD Biochemist and owner of a well-known specialty lab. He was at a conference and one of the exhibitors offered him a footbath. He had spoken multiple times that day, was not feeling well, was very tired and foggy headed. He accepted the footbath and later told me that he was amazed at how much energy he had, how clear his head felt during his drive home. Soon after that, two different parents with very severe children with autism had tried the footbath for their kids, and were so excited about the changes in them that they went in together and bought a system to share. These kids were “non-responders” and found little to no benefit in the other biomedical treatments they had tried. They reported their progress through our autism support group and this really got my attention.
I was seeing a chiropractor at that time who had purchased an Ionic Footbath for his practice. I then signed up for 10 footbath sessions to try with my son. Halfway through our sessions, Daniel’s reports from school started to change. Instead of getting the normal 1-3 ratings and comments on his need for continual redirection during class, he was getting “5’s” every day with comment such as “Daniel had an amazing day today!”, “He got his work done on time!”, and “Daniel was very helpful in class !”, etc. I was beyond thrilled! I also noticed that he began independently initiating doing his homework in the evenings, and the struggle to get his assignments completed disappeared completely!” His brain seemed to be able to focus and find each answer without any problem, and when I offered my help, I was told “No Mom, I can do this myself.
In the Spring, his IEP team convened and told me that Daniel had met all his goals, and was now performing the same as his “typical” peers, and would no longer need his IEP. I knew that the last of his problem areas had been completely eliminated as a result of the footbath treatments, because we were not doing any other new therapies during that time. I was so excited that I decided I need to invest in my own machine at home. I continued to use the machine for another year, and all his gains remained even after we stopped using it.

I am very impressed with the IonCleanse machine (what we use at Abundant Wellness) and recommend it highly to any parent who is wanting try everything to help their child improve. It is simple to use and my son enjoyed doing the footbaths so it was never a struggle to use. I honestly don’t understand everything that the ionic footbaths did for Daniel, but what I do know is that it was the last treatment I did for my son that allowed me to finally say he had RECOVERED from autism.


Sneak preview… find out what’s going on in your life… from psychic fairs to workshops & classes to personal readings. The insight of a reading can help you seek clarity in your life’s situations, as well as provide you with spiritual guidance and comfort. The reader can help to guide you through troubled emotions and clouded thoughts, by offering you a reflection of your life and showing you a fresh perspective. The reader uses tarot cards, angel cards, mediumship or a combination of these tools during the reading.

Workshops & Classes

Our workshops & classes focus on health and wellness, spirituality and well-being. Monthly schedules will include informative and educational health issues such as alternative therapies, fitness and exercise, Yoga & Tai Chi/Qigong, diet and nutrition, meditation and prayer, relaxation and stress management, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki Certification, Readings for small groups, and more… Check our calendar for the upcoming workshops & classes. We support you on your wellness journey… and are open to any suggestions or recommendations regarding future offerings and/or instructors.

Are you looking for a massage place? Think about all the wonderful ways of creating well-being and enjoying health benefits from healing yourself using holistic alternative therapies and preventive medicine like acupressure, aromatherapy, CBD massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue and sports massage, energy medicine, reiki and energy work, reiki training, intuitive readings, psychic mediums, tai chi and qigong, foot reflexology, psychic fair, detox sessions, beginners yoga, Ionizing foot bath, far infrared sauna, spiritual and metaphysical, stress reduction and relaxation, past life regression, tarot reading classes. We offer these Holistic Alternative Therapies to clients in the Chicopee and Greater Springfield area of Western Mass, including Hampshire and Hampden Counties, as well as Northern Connecticut. In our meta physical gift shop we carry a very large selection of stones and crystals, as well as selenite and salt lamps, jewelry, sage, incense, Divination cards, pendulums, OrgoneIAM, essential oils, Garden of One and Herb Pharm healing products, as well as Garden of One and Select CBD products. 

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