Debee Boulanger, LMT

debeeDebee Boulanger, LMT is the owner and director of the Abundant Wellness, has been practicing massage therapy since 1996. She is a graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2001, Debee became certified in Medical Massage from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in affiliation with Hartford Hospital. And in 2005, Debee successfully completed 100 hours of advanced Medical Massage Instruction from Robert Pecora. Debee is continually taking workshops to advance her education in massage therapy. Some of her previous studies include advanced Medical Massage, releasing a frozen shoulder without surgery, and working with and managing chronic pain using various massage techniques.

Early in her career, Debee realized her clients needed access to additional modalities, such as Reiki, Reflexology or other Holistic Alternative Therapies. With her focus on medical and therapeutic massage, she knew she couldn’t do it all. At that time, the Greater Springfield area was limited in the offerings of other therapeutic modalities. Knowing that it was not realistic to send all of her clients to Northampton, Hartford or even Boston for treatment, Debee with the advice of her business coach Frank Purnell, birthed the idea of a wellness center in Chicopee. In 2004, the Abundant Wellness Center was created. As Director of the Abundant Wellness, Debee honors the qualifications and expertise of fellow associates, therapists, teachers and workshop facilitators working out of the Center.  The Abundant Wellness is a mecca of information for wellness seekers, constantly offering an on-going variety of wellness events – often free or at an affordable cost. Caring for the community is extremely important to Debee and the associates of the Abundant Wellness. Debee is always looking for new ways to send blessings by spreading the seeds of healing, joy, peace, love & compassion to the community.  Blessings ~ Debee

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Video Testimonials:

Kathleen Delaney


“At times we all feel we are invincible but then there are those moments when we are in pain and we crumble to the ground. A sciatic nerve condition brought me to Debee at the Abundant Wellness Center. With each deep tissue massage, I started to become more whole with less pain. I now make it part of my regime and maintain regular appointments. I look to the Abundant Wellness Center as a peaceful and tranquil “oasis” on an otherwise busy and chaotic planet.” ~ Carol Pederzani  Springfield, MA

“After my truck – an 18 wheeler accident, my spirit and body was in trauma. It felt like I was wrapped in an eggshell, ready to shatter at the slightest touch. Debee’s full body massages helped me reclaim my movement, but most importantly, my self-image.” ~ Claire O’Brien Springfield, MA 

“I was involved in a car accident Dec. 2001, injuring my neck and back. I was referred to Debee for treatment. Within one month my pain subsided 70%, as I continued with therapeutic massage I also realized the numbness in my right hand had lessened and finally disappeared. (I had carpal tunnel surgery 3 months prior to my accident and my Physician indicated I may not get full feeling back.) Debee’s special touch and massage I accredit to full recovery to my hand. I have continued maintenance massages and exercises since recovery from my car accident because I also suffered from Fibromyalgia (8years) and have not had an acute episode since. I have more energy and flexibility and greatly diminished pain. Recommending Debee Boulanger for treatment is very easy.” ~ DJ Savina

“I’ve come to look forward to Debee’s weekly chair massages. They’re a welcome break in my hectic schedule, and I find that I always leave feeling both physically and mentally refreshed afterward. My work is mentally demanding, and that mid-week rejuvenation does wonders for my productivity.” ~ Matt

“I consider my chair massage as the treat I give myself because I have worked so hard and deserve it. Since my time with you (Debee), I have gained the following – more awareness about how my body is reacting to stress and work, as well as helpful hints on how to smooth out those rough areas using breathe when there is pain, which seems to melt the tension away and the importance of listening to ones body. I have learned that all things I do and the way I carry myself through those things impacts my body. I have lived with chronic back pain since an auto accident in ’93, plus I have carried around a big pocketbook for years and working with you (Debee) has shown me how I can erase this damage. I have since changed my pocketbook and it has made a world of difference.” ~ Jen Bertolami

“It’s amazing how a 15 minute massage can relieve all the tension built up during the work day. Debee really knows how to hit the right spots!” ~ Jim

“Before I worked here, I had never had a massage. I was never skeptical of the benefits of regular massage, but for some reason I thought it wasn’t something I really needed. After my initial session with Debee I felt incredibly relaxed. I carry a lot of tension in my back and Debee’s “deep tissue” approach really works the knots out. Since I do most of my work at a computer, I tend to have a lot of soreness in my wrist. I’ve enjoyed her massage sessions and am definitely aware of the difference massage makes in my life!” ~ Abby Karels