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“Creating a positive change in your lifestyle can be challenging; thus having caring skilled practitioners added with the convenience of a safe accessible space would only enhance your quest for that goal. We are here for you!” ~Abundant Wellness Center

Please Note: 1) Please DO NOT wear any type of cologne or perfume as several people here have sensitivity to them. 2) We are a shoe free environment inside the building so we urge you to bring slippers or indoor shoes if you’d like.  After a heavy rain or the winter’s thaw the parking lot is generally a bit muddy.  We encourage clients to wear rubber boots like rain slickers or shoes that aren’t your Sunday’s best. Thanks for understanding – we just want to give you the heads up!  3) Please pre-register for any event and let us know if you can’t make it at least a few days before as some of our teachers travel a ways to get here. We love to offer all these great classes however we really love to see commitment in attendance.  4) Let us know if you’d like to sign up for our monthly newletter.  

See what’s new: 

> Yes!  the Celtic Cretan Labyrinth is nearly complete. Come learn, share and connect to the sacred energy of building an ancient spiritual space dedicated to Mother Earth. Looking for volunteers – folks who’d like to either dedicate time in building the Labyrinth or donating monetary contributions to the AWC Community Garden or both!  Please let Debee know if you are interested in contributing in any way – this is going to be a fabulous walking meditation Labyrinth with an altar to offer a prayer, song, poem, or stone.

We will be planning on planting thyme in the Labyrinth in late June – the month of our 12th Anniversary (date TBA) and the Blessing of the Labyrinth will be in July (date TBA)!

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

> NEW Type of Healing/ Reading here…  These readings provide a loving and compassionate insight to explore one’s self-growth by helping to clear blockages, give direction and loving advice to get to the next step on their path, to connect with the knowledge and wisdom for their highest good or provide a healing within the record energy of their soul.  The type of reading one receives is specific for their needs at that time…no two readings are the same!  The Akashic Records are a field of energy that holds the individual record of a soul from its point of origin until the end of time.  This field keeps a record of all ones thoughts, emotions, words and actions generated by their experiences.  Melissa Dorman is an experienced healer and reader of the Akashic Records, which is a complete record of each soul’s journey.  Healings given in the Records after a reading are an amazingly easy way for one to clear, transmute or integrate new changes into their life.  All readings come from a genuine place of love and compassion to help one for their best and highest good.

The following is a list of services being offered Melissa on Mondays & Thursdays from 12-6pm or by appt:

30 Minute Reading                                               $50.00

60 Minute Reading                                               $100.00

45 Minute Reading / 15 Minute Healing               $100.00

60 Minute Reading / 30 Minute Healing               $150.00

120 Minute Reading                                             $200.00


“Accessing my Akashic Records with Melissa was an amazing journey.  I highly recommend spending some time with her.  I will definitely be returning for further information from them.”   –Susan L.

“I asked Melissa a question about my spiritual practice because I knew my meditation needed to be customized.  During my Akashic Records Reading, Melissa tapped into a perfectly organic way that I can connect to the Divine during meditation.  It feels soul right!” ~ Debee B.

> Weekend Tarot/ Angel Readings with Kathleen Farris.  Saturdays @ 10am – 1:30pm. Walk-ins welcome and appointments preferred!  Cost ~ 1/2 hour $50; 1 hour $75.

       June 2016  Monthly SPECIALS ~

> June Birthdays! Happy Birthday Blessings to those of you born during this month. Please enjoy this special day!  We invite you to come in and experience a day or evening of relaxation during this Birthday month & we’ll take an extra $10 off your Massage or Reiki session* on your Birthday month with this coupon.  *Some restrictions may apply. (Save $10)  Offer Expires on: 6/30/16

Summer Massage Special with Marzena Nieradko Try Swedish massage with Marzena. Massage is effective in relaxing tense musculature, improving joint mobility, relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Marzena is available for appts. on Tues. & Thurs. afternoons and evenings.  Save $16 off this great massage session.  ONLY $49* (reg. $65) Offer Expires: 9/1/16. 

> Sunday Couples Massage*  Take time to enjoy a relaxing wonderful massage with your loved one. Call now & schedule your appointment and save $15 off this great 1-hour couple’s massage* with Lisa & Sima. * Sundays ONLY $125* (reg. $140)  appt. *Some restrictions may apply.  Special offer for a limited time only!

              ~ LOTS of Special Events ~ Workshops ~ Classes ~

Special Events with Special Guests:

> Mediumship Awareness, Learning and Sharing with Intuitive Medium Kim Watts. If you are interested in developing mediumship and feel that you have a natural ability or are just curious about how clairvoyance works, then this class is for you. Come and hone in on your connection to the other side. and skills, also learn ways to connect, receive and give a message  on-going every Wednesday evenings @ 7 – 9pm ~ Cost $20* per class  Pre-register is requested!  (*Introductory Rate)

> Journeying to Your Intuitive Self with Psychic Medium Kathi Munson. Are you Psychic? Learn tips on how to tap into your inner voice. These classes are on-going* Sunday(s) July 17th & 31st @ 6-8 PM ~ Cost Sliding Scale $10-$35. *Sign up & join this study group at any time! Next Classes TBA

> Wellness Awareness Day***hosted by Carol Clark.  This will be a day to learn exciting new ways to nourish ones’ whole “SELF“… and it’s FREE!. In addition to great speakers, there will be sessions like Readings, Reiki, Chair Massage, and Energy work available for special rate.  Next Date ~ Saturday, September 17th.

Mani Power Seals with Betsy Mailer. Transform your life with the Japanese healing of  Seimei and MaNi Power Charms! Mani means “wish fulfilling jewel “ Experience the power and “FEEL” changes that can influence and affect every aspect of your life!” Sat., June 11th @ 1-3pm. Cost $30.

> Join the Medium with Spirit with Kim Watts. Kim invites you to a demonstration of mediumship in a gallery setting where she will connect with     loved ones in spirit, offering messages of peace, hope, love & healing. Next Event TBA ~ Cost $20. Cash only event please. his event fills up quickly *MUST register for this EvEnT!!!

> Reiki Share with Reiki Master Kathi Munson or Carol Clark. Join other Reiki practitioners & share this powerful healing experience. Prerequisite: Reiki I training.  Next share: Monday, July 11th @ 6-8 PM. ~ Free Will Donation $7-$12. Must Pre-register!

> Palpation with Tanya Tarail.  Palpation – the Infinite Experience of Touch. This is an opportunity to meet and work face to face with Tanya, long time body worker, intuitive and an extraordinary healer. Palpation means to touch, but this workshop extends far beyond the everyday definition. Through your own personal experience, real-life examples and interactive exercises, you will gain the tools to improve your own current healing modality. Teachings may include many topics: functions of the body, intuitively sensing physiological states, overall health, and other ways of merging the clinical, medical and energetic. Tanya plans to explore case histories in relation to modalities like Craniosacral, massage, energy healing and many more. Next Friday Date TBA @ 6 to 8pm ~ Cost $35

Transformational Breath with Leigh Russell. Join Leigh for Transformational Breath®, a pattern of conscious breathing that is natural, safe and healthy   and which can have many benefits including increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way. Saturday, June 18th @ 4- 6 pm ~ Cost $45.  Pre- register – Space is limited!

SoulCollage® with Linda Dean-Farrar. Join Linda and explore the possibilities to “Rediscover” your creativity and intuition through SoulCollage®, a simple process using powerful images from special magazines to create your personal card that can then be used to gain new perspectives on things and situations that matter to you. Tues, June 21st @ 6-9pm ~ Cost $45 plus additional $5 materials fee. Kids welcome $35 per child + $5 fee.

>Wire Wrapping with Carol Clark.  Carol of Let it Be Wired will teach basic techniques to wire wrap gemstones to create beautiful works of art and jewelry. This month’s class project piece is a Tree of Life pendant  Sat., June 25th @ 1–3pm ~ Cost $30 materials are included

Events & Sessions with Sharon D’Angelo:

> Medium Psychic Readings with Sharon D’Angelo. Sharon is available for Tarot & Medium Readings most Wednesdays from 12-6 PM or evening by appt.  Walk-ins welcome and appointments preferred!  Cost ~ 1/2 hour $50  or 1 hour $75.

> Intuitive Tarot Reading Course* with Sharon D’Angelo.

  • Learn how to interpret tarot cards without memorizing the books.
  • Get to know the Court Cards in your own unique way.
  • Move through all of the cards together in a group setting.
  • Learn how interpreting reversed cards can add a whole new layer to your readings.
  • Learn how to understand and interpret several different spreads and card layouts.
  • See how the cards can help you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Sharon has been reading Tarot and Oracle Cards since 1990. She has trained and studied with many great professional readers, and has been working here at the Abundant Wellness Center as a psychic/ medium as well as an intuitive Tarot Reader. Sharon’s style is less predictive, more getting to the heart of the matter and using the tarot to help others with challenges, being prepared to recognize and reach for opportunities and see what change is needed to manifest positive life choices.  Tuesdays ~ 3/22, 4/5, 4/19, 5/3, 5/17, 5/31, 6/14 & 6/28 @ 7-9 pm ~ Cost $20 per class or $155 for the series paid in full at first class.  NOTE: *Must use the Standard or Radiant Rider Waite Tarot Deck – available at the Abundant Wellness Center. 

> Monthly Moon Group with Sharon D’Angelo. Learn to work with the power of the different phases of the moon, create balance using the elements, honor our ancestors and their connection to nature, explore ritual and create positive change in your life. On-going* scheduled typically every 3rd Friday of the month ~  July 15th @ 7 – 9 PM ~ Cost $20. *Sign up & join this group at any time! You are welcome to bring an item for a special blessing.  Next date: August 20th

> Basic Wicca 101 with Sharon D’Angelo. Learn about the “Old Ways” – connect with your ancestors and nature and awaken the knowledge you hold within. Find out more about the science of magick, how to create positive change in your life and co-create with the Universe. Starting: in 2016 from 7-9 PM and continuing on the 2nd Friday of each month* for a year and a day ~ Cost $25 per month.  *Pre-registration required.   Interested?  We welcome your interest in learning about ancient ways of working with nature through studying wicca. Questions?  Sharon will be happy to speak to you to see if this is a path you might want to learn.  Just let us know…

> Advanced Wicca classes with Sharon D’Angelo by invitation only*.  Offered on First Friday* of the month.  *Must have prior training in Wicca.

On-going Classes & Groups:  Drop in anytime ~ however we recommend calling and registering in case the class has been changed or cancelled that evening.


> Beginner Yoga with Heidi MacEwen  Monday Evenings @ 6:45– 8 PM ~ drop in anytime! *** Please Note There will be NO CLASSS on Monday, May 30th

> Beginner Yoga ~with Cheryl Whalen  Thursday Evenings @ 5:45– 7:00 PM ~ drop in anytime!  

All yoga classes $15 drop-in or 5-wks $65 **1st class drop-in only $10 Note:**if 5 class series card is purchased at the time of the first class save $15 only $50   (NOTE: All class cards must be used with the same yoga instructor.) 

> Tai Chi/ Qigong with Michelle Grassi.  Take time out of your busy schedule to Relax/Move/Flow.  Wednesdays @ 6 – 7 PM Beginner class $10 drop-in; 6-wks $50  (Be prepared to have fun!) ~ Drop in anytime!

Monthly Detox Sessions with ‘Wellness Guru’ Rachel Ginther:

> Ionizing Foot Bath & Sauna with Rachel Ginther. Every day we are exposed to about 50,000 chemicals from the environment, water & food we eat thus resulting in hazardous heavy metals that get stored in our body. Try an inexpensive, simple, painless, soothing method that can aid in the detoxification process. ** NEW 2016 DATES ** available by appt. only ~ Wed.  6/22; 7/20; 8/17; 9/7; 10/5; 11/9; 12/7 ~Thurs. 6/23; 7/21; 8/18; 9/8; 10/6; 11/10; 12/8 from 9am – 7pm & some Fridays ~ all sessions by appt. only! Cost ~ 30-min. Foot Bath $39; 20-min. Sauna $10; 60-min. Ear Coning w/ mini lymph session $75; Galvanic $30.

> Lymphatic Drainage Sessions with Rachel Ginther. This gentle technique can prevent or reduce fluid retention, enhance the removal of toxins from the body tissues, and promoting wellness by supporting the immune system. Private appointments availability w/ Rachel. Cost $75.

>>> Pre-registration recommended for ALL our classes & workshops >>> Thank You!!!

***Benefit for 5 year old Adriel Morris***  Save the Date: Sunday, June 12th from 10:30am – 4:30pm  Location:  Abundant Wellness Center, 94 Chicopee Street, Chicopee, MA 01013 …  for a Community Fundraising Event – this “Gathering for Adriel Morris“ is for the ***Benefit of Adriel’s Healthcare***  Adriel, grandson to local Artist Roland Gregoire, is just 5 years old and has already experienced so many life challenges due to the complications of Cystic Fibrosis. His life is interrupted daily with a regiment of protocols needed to support his lung function, let’s gather to send healing and relief. This is a family friendly event where art, healing and music will unite. Please let’s help sweet little Adriel celebrate the joys of a happy childhood – proceeds to benefit Adriel’s well-being.  Monetary donations accepted however do NOT make any payments to the Abundant Wellness Center.  Roland Gregoire is hosting this benefit for his grandson.

**** A huge note of Gratitude to ALL who supported and helped to make this  Event for Adriel such a wonderful success … We had a very ambitious goal of raising $15,000 for a Afflo vest which would allow Adriel to be mobile for his daily respiratory treatments I am very please to announce that we have made it to 26% of our goal !!! Stay tune for future events as we are determined  to achieve our goal …

Events & Sessions with Kathi Munson:

> Intuitive Readings with Kathi Munson by appt. only! Tarot or Angel Oracle Cards are used for a typical reading.  Cost $60 for 30-minutes ~ $80 for 1-hour.  Medium Reading by appt. only ~ Cost $100.

> Journeying to Your Intuitive Self with Kathi Munson’s associate Kim Watts. Are you Psychic? Learn tips on how to tap into your inner voice. These classes are on-going* Sunday(s) July 17th & 31st @ 6-8 PM ~ Cost Sliding Scale $10-$35. *Sign up & join this study group at any time!  Next Classes TBA

> An Evening of Messages* with Gina Barry, Kim Watts and a special guest of Kathi Munson. Three gifted psychic mediums invite you to a demonstration of mediumship in a gallery setting where they connect with loved ones in spirit, offering messages of peace, hope, love & healing.  June 26th @ 6-8 pm ~ Cost $40. Cash only event please. This fills up quick *MUST register for this EvEnT!!!  

> Reiki Training with Kathi Munson. Learn how to work with Universal Energy ~ Pre-Reg. Cost $250 per Level includes Materials ~ evening classes* @ 6:30–8:30 PM.  *NEW Dates: TBA  Reiki l ~ Mondays –   Reiki II ~ Tuesdays –  Reiki lIl ~ Mondays – TBA

> Reiki Share with Reiki Master/Teacher Kathi Munson or Carol Clark. Join other Reiki practitioners & share this powerful healing experience. Prerequisite: Reiki I training.  Next share: Monday, July 11th from 7-9 PM. ~ Free Will Donation $7-$12. Must Pre-register!

> “When A Healer Needs Love, Support and Healing” AWC Community Benefit for Kathi Munson, Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator.  On December 14th, Kathi had minor surgery that had major complications. She is home and healing but may not be able to work for some time. Kathi Munson and The Abundant Wellness Center are very grateful for all your help!  Over the 6 week period the AWC community raised a substancial amount of monies for Kathi and her family… stop by and find out how much!  P.S. Some folks couldn’t make it to the event or missed out on the auction but still want to help out – she is still accepting cash or checks made out to Kathi Munson.  *ALL proceeds are going to Kathi Munson and her family! Thank you for supporting Kathi and her family!  Please continue sending love, prayers, healing energy and reiki to Kathi and her family. Kathi is back!!! … please come by with open arms and give her your blessings “Welcome back Kathi!”

Abundant Wellness Center  94 Chicopee Street,  Chicopee, MA  01013  Tel. (413) 592-2828 

To contact us or schedule an appointment call (413) 592-2828      



“The Abundant Wellness Center is an oasis of calm in the center of my very busy life. Quality practitioners offer numerous ways to de-stress and revitalize. The Abundant Wellness Center is an integral part of my self-care routine.” ~ Gina



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PLEASE  NOTE:  We are a ‘shoe free’ environment throughout the inside of the building so we encourage you to bring slippers or non-street shoes.  Please DO NOT wear any type of cologne or perfume as several people here have sensitivity to them.

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