Reiki for Chicopee and Greater Springfield

What is Reiki ?

Reiki uses spiritual energy to address both chronic and acute conditions that gently and powerfully promotes balance among all the body’s systems, as well as the normal regenerative processes of the body and mind. It is a gentle method of hands-on healing that taps into the “Universal Life Energy”.

Many ancient cultures embraced the belief that life energy flows throughout the body and deeply effects our wellbeing. Any imbalances or disruptions in the life energy flow can correlate to physical, mental, and emotional illness.

Reiki complements medical treatment, massage therapy, psychological counseling, and is appropriate for patients in any state of health. Reiki is gentle enough to offer support and reduce discomfort of pain on many levels. Many patients report a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

How to prepare for your Reiki session

Physical comfort is extremely important during a session, please let us know of any physical considerations. During a Reiki session you will lay down fully clothed on a comfortable massage table, this is not a form of massage.

  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • Limit jewelry
  • Ensure shoes are easily removable outside of the treatment room
  • No belts
  • No perfumes or colognes (senses are heightened during a session)

The Many Benefits that can be experienced during and after a Reiki Session

  • Reduction of Stress
  • Assist in healing
  • Clearing the mind of negativity
  • Lessen pain
  • Establish well-being
  • Increase physical energy
  • Create balance
  • Enhance spiritual growth
  • Strengthen immune protection

Reiki and Pregnancy

Reiki is both suitable and beneficial during pregnancy. The state of overall wellness and  well being  that is passed from mother to baby has been known to help nurture the baby in the womb. It can also assist during labor and birth. As the pregnancy progresses expectant mothers can be made comfortable by laying on their side with pillows in place. Rieki can also be received by sitting in a chair. In a recent study at The Hartford  Hospital in Connecticut it was shown that Reiki sessions during pregnancy on a regular basis reduced stress and anxiety by 94%, overall pain during pregnancy by 78% and nausea and morning sickness by 80%. The study also showed that a woman’s quality of sleep was improved by 86% when receiving Reiki sessions during pregnancy.

½-HOUR ~ $40   1-HOUR ~ $65   1 ¼-HOUR ~ $80   1 ½-HOUR ~ $95

Couples Reiki

Performed by Kathi Munson, Reiki Master/Teacher-
In a soothing, atmosphere and side by side, couples experience a  transformative Reiki session. The session deals with breaking down any barriers between the couple’s chakras and creating a  harmonious balance between them. This includes energy clearing and healing resulting in balancing and harmonizing  the chakras (energy centers’ inside each us) and helps to create a more joyous,  peaceful and  loving bond between the couple. Those who partake in the Couples Reiki rejoice in a new, healthier and deeper understanding and appreciation of each other.
75 Min. Session ~ $110
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What is Reiki? Reiki practitioners use a gentle hands-on method a.k.a. reiki massage using no pressure that works well with chronic and acute conditions to reduce discomfort and promote deep relaxation as well as balance the chakras. The benefits of reiki energy are numerous including stress relief, pain reduction, restored energy and improved sleep as well as helping relieve muscular tension. One can learn reiki by taking reiki classes, learning reiki symbols and getting reiki attunements with the ultimate outcome of reiki master training. To make it a little easier to improve health, we also offer other Holistic Alternative Therapies to clients in the Chicopee and Greater Springfield area of Western Mass, including Hampshire and Hampden Counties, as well as Northern Connecticut. 
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