Akashic Records Reading/ Soul Realignment 

Akashic Records Reading / Soul Realignment with Sharon D’Angelo

Your soul is made of energy and light.  It is immortal, ancient and pure.  Throughout our lifetimes, we can distort this energy by making choices that are not in alignment with our soul’s Divine nature.   While accessing your Akashic records, Sharon can locate the information stored about your Divine Spark of energy and light.

In a private session with Sharon, you will discuss what she found in your Akashic records.  You will learn more about your soul’s true essence, how you best express yourself, special gifts and wisdom you bring, the path your soul has chosen for this lifetime, and thought patterns which block the access of your Divine expression and personal fulfillment.  This is when the soul realignment starts to happen.

Included in your Akashic Records Reading is a clearing process that Sharon will complete on your behalf (plus you will be given your own clearing work to do as well for a more powerful shift in your soul realignment).

Information needed when booking a session:  Your Name, Place and Date of Birth, plus your verbal Agreement to allow Sharon to access your Akashic records are required.

Sharon is a Certified Soul Realignment practitioner, Reiki Master, Wiccan High Priestess, Certified Oracle guide, and Intuitive Medium for over 20 years.  Her passion is having the ability to assist others on their path to their highest and greatest good.

Introductory Rate:  $225.00 (cost includes preliminary Akashic records research, 1-hour private session with Sharon, and Sharon’s masterful intuitive work for clearing and soul realignment post session)

Abundant Wellness Center  94 CHICOPEE ST., RTE #116,  CHICOPEE, MA 01013     To contact or schedule an appointment with Sharon: CALL/Text (413) 297-2570 or EMAIL: shrndangelo@yahoo.com