Intuitive/ Psychic/ Tarot/ Oracle/ Angel/ Medium Readings

Sneak preview… find out what’s going on in your life… from psychic fairs to workshops & classes to personal readings.

The insight of a reading can help you seek clarity in your life’s situations, as well as provide you with spiritual guidance and comfort.

The reader can help to guide you through troubled emotions and clouded thoughts, by offering you a reflection of your life and showing you a fresh perspective.

The reader uses tarot cards, angel cards, oracle cards, mediumship or a combination of these tools during the reading.

Tarot and/ or Mediumship Readings with Sharon D’Angelo.

Sharon is a gifted Psychic Medium and welcomes loved ones who are in spirit to come through in her readings to give healing, loving and meaningful messages. She works with her spirit guides, always coming from a place of love and healing. Sharon is also a Certified Tarot and Oracle guide. She uses a variety of Tarot and Oracle cards to provide her clients with guidance, getting to the matter at hand and discussing where any obstacles may be. Sharon uses a coaching style, making her readings very empowering and she is a firm believer in free will and understands that we can always change our path and move in a different direction.

Sharon is available by appointment.  Cost ~  ½-HOUR ~ $60;  1-HOUR ~ $90  

Mediumship/Tarot Readings/Angel Readings with Kathleen Farris

Kathleen is an intuitive healer, and a Psychic Medium. Kathleen has studied different modalities of healing and spirit communication, and has mastered her own unique methods. Some of the great teachers she studied with include Mavis Pittilla, Lauren Rainbow, and Lindsay Marino. Through mediumship, Kathleen can intuitively connect with your loved ones on the other side – always with grace, healing and love. She also uses a variety of Angel and Oracle cards to provide her clients with guidance. Kathleen’s readings can offer clarity and direction on one’s sometimes overwhelming life journey.

Kathleen is available  by appointment.  Cost ~ 1-HOUR ~ $100

Mediumship/ Tarot or Oracle Readings with Kim Pearson

Kim is a talented Psychic Medium who welcomes loved ones who are in the spirit world to come through in her readings to give her clients heart-warming messages. She works with her spirit guides, always coming from a place of love, light and healing. Kim has extensively studied tarot with Gary McKinstry, as well as mediumship with Gary McKinstry and Tony Stockwell. Kim’s passion is to help others heal on the deepest level of the mind, body and soul. She uses her gift of mediumship in all of her work.

Kim is available by appointment.  Cost ~ ½-HOUR ~ $50;   1-HOUR ~ $80

Mediumship or Personal/ Tarot Readings with Kathi Munson

Kathi is a gifted psychic, medium, and animal communicator. Kathi reads both tarot cards and angel cards. With every reading, she works with her angels and spirit guides to help provide clarity of clouded thoughts and troubled emotions, by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future. Her readings will give you a fresh perspective on your life. Kathi can also connect with the spirits of your past loved ones, human or animal.

Kathi is available by appointment only.  Cost ~ 1-HOUR ~ $125  

In-Tu-It Art Readings with Lisa Seder

Lisa is a skilled Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and an Intuitive Reader. Lisa has a special gift to see images within your energy. And over the past few years, she has diligently worked on developing a very unique and creative platform for you to see it too called In-Tu-It Art. It is a very insightful intuitive reading expressed with art. Lisa quotes; “In-Tu-It Art readings are always for the greater good of your higher self.”

Lisa is available by appointment only.  Cost ~ 1-HOUR ~ $70

Mediumship Readings, Intuitive Readings and more like Psychic Tarot Readings, Tarot readings, Angel Tarot Readings, Angel Card Readings, Angel Oracle Readings, OracleRecords Readings. The best way one can learn the tarot meanings is by taking classes and practice, practice and practice to make tarot readings accurate. Angel Readings what are they? An Angel Readings Psychic works with the grace and Divinity of the Archangels. What’s a psychic medium? A seer who has developed their psychic abilities and are able to connect with spirit usually a deceased loved one. How to find a real psychic medium?  Ask around for referrals, that’s the best way. We also offer other Holistic Alternative Therapies to clients in the Chicopee and Greater Springfield area of Western Mass, including Hampshire and Hampden Counties, as well as Northern Connecticut.

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