Shamanic Healing

Healing Sessions:

Shamanic Teaching & Practices  are possibly the oldest and most wide spread healing practice known to man. The shaman is someone that acts as a bridge between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Shamans walk between the worlds and dimensions to facilitate healing of the past, present and the future on all levels (including the ancestral bloodlines) in both the physical and emotional plane. Traditional Shamans communicate with spirits in order to help clients and heal the planet.  In today’s world, Shamans can be found in almost all walks of life.  The Shamanic healing session may consist of Soul Retrievals, Chakra Illumination, Extractions, Journeying and working with Ancestors and Power Animals, as well as their Mesa (Medicine Bag).

Shamanic Sessions:  

Journey to Non-Ordinary Reality, Dream time, and Other Worlds to connect with compassionate beings that live there. These beings offer help, guidance, healing, and direct revelation to all of us. Power animal/teacher/element retrieval will help restore power and well being to a client. Shamanism tracks where they came from and the healing can then clear, release, transform whatever is ready to shift and change during the session. When you leave a session you know what it is that we have cleared, and you can take steps not to recreate it in your life.

Soul Retrieval:

Loss of power/ soul essence causing depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, chronic illness, series of misfortunes, illness, immune deficiency problems, addictions, unending grief, etc. A soul retrieval ceremony will be done to remove spiritual blockages or negative energies a client may have taken on causing illness to body, mind, or spirit. The harmful energies are extracted. This work can be done on both the living and the deceased. Helping spirits cross over who may be stuck is called Psychopomp work (a  person who guides  souls to the place of the dead). This work may extend for a few sessions and requires the client to actively participate in post healing procedures to assist integration of the work and empowerment.

Chakra Illumination and Reiki Healing:

Balancing the  Chakras and performing healing arts to bring about increased healing and well-being for a client. Reiki is a highly respected healing technique where life energy is focused through the hands and channeled into the body by means of touch. This helps to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is great for dissolving energy blocks, decreasing stress and promoting relaxation, and to bring healing, balance and inner peace

Sessions are available by appointment.  1-HOUR ~ $100   1 ½-HOUR ~ $150

By appointment with:

Susan  Lecuyer- Monday thru Fridays by appointment

Lisa Seder ~  Sundays

Debee Boulanger ~ by appointment only

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