Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing art that has been around for over 4,000 years and has been used successfully by literally billions of people. The basic theory of acupuncture is that certain areas of the body become blocked or stagnated and this can lead to pain and illness.

Acupuncture effectively treats a variety of conditions through the shallow insertion of sterile, disposable needles into the skin to elicit a response from the nervous system as well as the immune system. When the nervous system is returned to a balanced state it promotes a feeling of well-being; patients often find treatments to be deeply relaxing. Acupuncture can also relieve muscular tightness and muscular spasms that occur after an injury. A common reaction of the body after an injury is called ‘guarding’ where the body becomes hardened and ridged around the area of injury to protect from further injury. Acupuncture can soften the muscles and help the body to relax around the injury so healing can occur more quickly.

Chinese herbs may be recommended in combination with Acupuncture treatment. Free 15-minute consultation offered with first visit and Senior Discounts available for private appointments only (excludes clinic).

For your first private appointment we’ll need your health history, so please click here and complete forms to bring with you on your first visit: HEALTH HISTORY FORMS   

TCM ~ Ancient Chinese Wisdom with Terry Tangredi, Lic. Ac.

Appointments available Mondays and Wednesdays

First Office Visit (approximately 90 minutes) ~ $85  
Follow Up  (approximately 60 minutes) ~ $65
with Terry Tangredi, Lic. Ac.

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Terry Tangredi, Lic Ac. treats a multitude of issues:

Are you or some one you care about suffering with chronic pain?  Is pain affecting your quality of life, your relationships, or your ability to do things that are important to you? Sciatica, low back pain, neck or shoulder pain? Knee pain or plantar fasciitis? These are some of the types of pain I treat effectively every day with acupuncture.

Now I have heard how people don’t like needles but I want you to know the needles I use are very delicate, only the size of two or three hairs, and I always use the minimum needed to help the person I’m treating. The sensations of the needles are generally minimal as well, a small prick like a mosquito bite, of a little zing as the energy is contacted may occur.  This is a small price to pay for a large benefit of relief from pain.

In addition to pain, acupuncture is effective for treating digestive problems, insomnia, headaches, and women’s issues such as PMS, painful periods, infertility and menopausal symptoms.

Acupuncture is also very cost effective.  In most cases people feel better after 2 – 3 treatments, some even after one treatment!  There’s both availability for private appointments and a group clinic for those who are on a budget, I offer affordable $30 treatments at the clinic.  How does it get any better than that?


Many people have asked me “what do you do to keep yourself healthy?” I just turned 59 and I feel 29 – however looking that age is questionable!  Of course I eat carefully… picky, picky, picky! I’m a label reader – no GMO’s, gluten, soy or processed crap! I keep busy – gardening, yoga and qigong classes. During the winter months I plan on starting Pilates classes at The Pilates Studio in Hadley. I figure I can also do my shopping at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods when I’m in Hadley. Then there’s massage usually every 2-3 weeks plus reiki, detox & galvanic sessions. Besides my spiritual work, out of everything I do I have found ACUPUNCTURE to be the most profoundly healing. Just a few examples… One day I woke up with a stiff neck. I went to my yoga class then got a massage but it was only slightly better afterwards. Lucky for me Terry came in later that day.  I saw her in the acupuncture clinic and she put the tiny needles around the area that was stiff and the last needle was put into my opposite ankle and I felt my neck tension release instantly.  Whoa – I was flabbergasted! Just recently I tripped and feel over my dog’s runner – smack on my face. I didn’t feel anything at first so I continued to garden and later that night when I was ready to lay down my back went into spasm.  I used magnesium oil with Helichrysum and Trauma Liniment on my lower back so I could at least get to sleep. I woke with no pain but it still felt on the verge of another spasm. I’ve learned that if I have a problem I address it immediately! Fortunately, Terry came in that day and I felt I needed a private session with her to relieve the muscular tension before it went into spasm again.  She put lots of needles on the front side of me then half way thru she had me turn over so she could put needles along with the heat lamp on the back side.  To finish the session she topped me off with cupping on my back. That treatment was amazing – my back was totally relaxed with no signs of spasm. ”I totally recommend ACUPUNCTURE  especially with a highly skilled practitioner such as Terry Tangredi.” ~ Debee Boulanger

Acupuncture uses the same meridians a.k.a. energy pathways as Acupressure Massage Therapy as well as Reflexology Massage Therapy. Both Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage address pain and stress however the difference in Acupuncture vs Massage Therapy are the sterile needles used in the treatment.  One can come to an Acupuncture Clinic or Acupuncture Spa private session. We offer Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Holistic Alternative Therapies to clients in the Chicopee and Greater Springfield area of Western Mass, including Hampshire and Hampden Counties, as well as Northern Connecticut.  

Abundant Wellness Center  94 CHICOPEE ST., RTE #116,  CHICOPEE, MA 01013                             To contact us or schedule an appointment CALL (413) 592-2828  or EMAIL