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Orgone Energy History:  In the 1930’s/ 1940’s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure the existence of layered etheric energy (life energy/ chi), which he called orgone, using a modified geiger counter. He then constructed large boxes called orgone accumulators “oracs” using this simple layering principle and was able to successfully heal his patients of various ailments. In 2000, Don and Carol Croft discovered through research and empirical observation that mixing catalyzed organic fiberglass resin with inorganic metal shavings, poured into small molds, would produce a substance which would attract etheric energy similarly to Reich’s “oracs“. Within a year of this development, Don began publishing reports of their experiences of small pieces of orgone energy near any and all sources of life-negative energy, such as cellphone towers, nuclear power plants, underground bases and natural Earth energy gridlines and vortices.Orgone energy is based on Dr Reich’s discovery that organic materials attract orgone energy, while metals simultaneously attract and repel them. By mixing metals and resins, the attraction and revulsion of energy creates a scrubbing effect, which, along with the piezoelectric effect of the quartz crystal, cleans and balances stagnant and negative orgone energy.

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The creators at I AM Energy Creations have taken these valuable discoveries and have gone one step further, developing pieces they call OrgoneIAM.  The creators of OrgoneIAM products, guarantees each piece to include “nurtured crystals”. They have found by cleansing the crystals in natural saltwater then charging them in the sun and lastly storing them in a positive area these pieces seem to give off even stronger positive vibrations.  >The OrgoneIAM pyramids generate enough energy to help clear a house from the harmful negative etheric energy “DOR” and transform this energy into positive etheric energy “POR”.  >The OrgoneIAM jewelry pieces are hand crafted with love and come in a variety of different beneficial healing or specific themed energies such as nature, power animals, protection, prosperity, happiness, health, healing and chakra alignment. These pieces are personal energy transformers or energy purifiers.  >In the OrgoneIAM process, they combine colors, metals, symbols, stones, crystals & charms to add beauty as well as positive energy to each piece.  >The creators of OrgoneIAM products support the fact that everyone could benefit from having anyone of these qualityorgone energy products and is committed to keeping the costs affordable. You’ll find that other orgone energy pyramids can cost up to $175 and other orgone energy pendants can range from $18 to $59 and more.

>If you would like to see which of these OrgoneIAM “orgone energy” products would be good for you – stop by and ask us to show you how with a simple demonstration!

“We would like to explain the Science behind Orgone Technology as we have been seeing many dealers pop up selling their “versions” of Orgone that are not based on true science. Orgone technology was discovered back in the 30’s – 40’s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich it is “life energy” or “chi” All living things have this Orgone Energy!

The process established and known scientifically to enhance, create and amplify the life force energy entails using layers of metal and quartz crystal, the force of the epoxy curing against the metals & crystals engages at such a rate the crystals become electrically polarized! The metal and epoxy are scientifically proven to harness energy, being forced through this circuit of Metals and out through the crystals returns ALL negative energies and frequencies back to their purest state! **Example will clean radiation from the surrounding energies.

The less layers and/or cubic cm; the smaller the field of Orgone Protection! Example a 5 gallon bucket of Orgone used in chembusters radiates 10-15 miles around; whereas a standard pyramid packed out will only radiate 30-35 feet. A pendant may reach 6-8 feet in diameter. You cannot radiate the field of Orgone by any other means except to have larger amounts! All Pendants & Pyramids made with layer technique work about the same!  We have seen people claiming ridiculous fields that’s not scientifically possible!

Expensive Orgone Pieces DOES NOT mean it is any better, the process is the same! Some charge more for art and beauty of their pieces but in general Pendants average between $20-$30 – Pyramids (medium size 3.5 base) should run between $40-$60. These are reasonable prices for what is put into them materials/labor.

Some Orgone Dealers use precious stones and metals; precious metals are not a game changer; precious metals are used as a sales pitch and justifies high prices of the Orgone… Orgone can however radiate the frequency of gold & silver OR be used as the metal to engage the crystals. BUT it is not necessary and does not make “stronger” or “more powerful” Orgone!  Gem Stones and Herbs added to the Orgone are an asset to your surrounding frequencies as gemstones and herbs are amplified on a vibrational level. Also they are not needed to create Orgone Protection only an added asset. Orgone packed out with gem stones or herbs in abundance tend to break the Orgone Circuit not allowing it to work properly!  This information can be found throughout the internet; brilliant scientists such as Don Kroft and Dr DeMayo have extensive information & research regarding Orgone Energy and are the top Orgone specialists in today’s world.

Our technology and process has been created & driven by Dr Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries and furthered by Kroft and DeMayo’s studies and experiments.  Please be careful when choosing your Orgone and look for the layers and/or crystals wrapped in wire to be sure they are authentic!  Unfortunately people derive at different conclusions and create their own versions that are not compatible with Science research and fact.”

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