Susan Lecuyer, RMT, Shamanic Practitioner

Susan Lecuyer, RMT is a Reiki Master/Teacher and intuitively works with the help of the “group” of Spirit guides, Healers, Masters and Universal Energy. “They” will graciously assist you on a peaceful journey of healing – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Susan recognized her gifts as a child. She could see auras, spiritual beings, as well as astral travel. As a young adult, Susan successfully managed a large hotel until spirit interceded with a severe back injury which enlightened her. Then a few years later, spirit intervened again with a life altering accident which she said was like she died and was reborn in an instant which led her back to her true path. Susan redirected her journey and went on to study Reiki with Kathi Munson and has received all her Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Certificates. Susan is also skilled in Chakra Clearings, Crystal Healing, Guided Meditations and Shamanism* which she often incorporates with her Reiki Sessions.  Susan teaches Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 the Master/ Teacher level here at the Center as well.

In July 2017, Susan started Dharma school and in August she completed Level 1 and was initiated into the Peruvian Shamanic Tradition and is a Full Mesa Carrier and Medicine Worker.  Susan believes she has ancient lineage and deep roots with Shamanism* and has been doing this work since she was a teenager.  Because of her successes working with her clients using Shamanism*, Susan passionately knows that she has found her “calling” and is here to be of service.

Abundant Wellness  665 Prospect Street, Suite#1,  CHICOPEE, MA 01020     To contact or schedule an appointment with Susan: CALL/Text (413) 505-4557 or EMAIL:

Sessions with Susan are available Monday thru Friday by appointment only.

*What does a Shamanic Practitioner do and what is a Shamanic Healing Session?

It is a combination of coaching and ancient energetic healing techniques using the chakra and meridian systems. You can clear issues at any level of the mind, body and soul. Karma, ancestral baggage, old issues and patterns.

Shamans work with the spirit or the soul. They heal illness at the soul level. … The shift of consciousness that the shaman makes,  allows the free part of his or her soul to leave the body allowing the shaman to connect with the spirit or soul of the client on many planes. The shaman can then go retrieve information for your healing and growth. The healing takes place on both the mental and energetic planes. Unlike other energy modalities the shaman does not bring their energy into the clients field. The shaman will journey and bring back the information necessary to assist in the removing of blockages and detours in the luminous energy field of the client .

Besides being a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, she is also available for Shamanic Healing Sessions~ Soul Retrievals ~ Past Life Healing~ Extractions~ Psychopomp ( crossing spirit to the realm of the dead)~ Shamanic Journeying~ Distance Healing~ Depossessions~ and Home & Land clearing.

Testimonials :

Medina R. Helene  recommends Abundant Wellness Center.

March 22 at 4:55 PM

“I had the pleasure of meeting with Susan for a Reiki / Shamanic energy session. After experiencing years of crippling back pain … Susan worked her magic on me and helped to clear the ‘roots’ of my problem. The best healing session I have ever received … amazingly wonderful and life changing ! I can’t wait for my next appointment with her ” : ) ~ Melissa D

“I had an Amazing Healing Reiki experience with Susan Lecuyer. I had surgery on my ovary a year prior and still had pain. Susan was able to “cut the cords” still tieing the emotional pain to the ovary that had been removed. Bringing attention, breath, and healing into this area helped me achieve pain free days! And a new prospective, awareness to my health. Thank you Susan!” Julie Anne Homas    3/14/2017

“Such an Incredible experience! I have been a Reiki Practitioner for 15 years. I decided to take this class with Susan Lecuyer because I felt I needed a ” Tune Up”. SO THANKFUL I DID! I realized that it was just where I was supposed to be. Not starting over, but gaining a New Perspective. New concepts , different way of Thinking , or not thinking . New information , different tools , Educating yourself is Never a negative. Susan is Truly a Gift To All she Encounters . Pure Light and Love , Beaming Straight from Her Heart. I decided to also continue onto Susan ‘s Reiki 2 class . So Blessed , and again the Experience was Life Changing. I thank God and Goddess For my Time and Education with Susan. Words can not describe what I have Gained, only Felt.” Xo  Julie Anne Homas 4/24/2017

“I am amazed every time I leave a session. A total relaxation of mind, body, and soul.” – Robert Houle, 12/1/17

“I saw Susan recently for a Reiki Session which quickly turned into a Shamanic Session as well. I came into the appointment thinking it was not going to work but being optimistic. During the Reiki session Animal Spirit came beside me as Susan was working on my Heart Charka. I felt a weight lifted from my heart and during the next week I was able to connect with my Heart Chakra and for the first time in along time I was able to feel my own heart beating and emotions tied to it. When the Shamanic session began I was feeling more open however I did not expect the depth of the experience that happened during it. I got very cold physically during the session but from Susan’s breath I was warm. I felt 3 dark spots appear that she was working on and felt 3 separate spirits being taken away during the session. I received multiple gifts from the session Peace, A greater understanding of myself, Strength, Confidence, and I came away feeling much lighter in my physical body after having these Spirits removed. I highly recommend having a session with Susan. Either for a Reiki Session or a Shamanic Session.” 3/9/18 Nadene Pragluski

“I saw Susan yesterday for my first ever Reiki session. I have been suffering with a “mystery Illness” for over 3 months. I have had appointments with specialists, countless medical tests and no notable results. This morning, I woke up with more energy than I have had in years! I accomplished more before noon than I had been able to do in the last month! If you are thinking about going, stop thinking and make the appointment. I am hooked!! ”  May 26th 2018 Barbra Gallow

Soul Retrieval with Susan Lecuyer

“I felt incomplete and I knew Susan could help me. I came to her with and open heart and mind, not knowing what to expect. She explained to me , in great detail, what she was going to attempt to do. She helped me rid the pain and guilt that had become a part of my everyday life- emotions that I had accepted as normal, that were preventing me from feeling complete because a piece of my soul had been lost so long ago. Susan journeyed to find that missing piece of me and guided me in my own journey as well where I learned much of why this piece was missing. Once she found what she was looking for, she fought hard for me. She brought it back to me, introduced it back into my soul and made me whole again. It was a beautiful feeling, one that I hadn’t had in so very long- whole, complete, happy and hopeful. She did more for me in our short time together than my therapist has done in years! I am so grateful for her for making it possible for me to move forward with a positive outlook on the rest of my life. ”   Kimberly Pearson 9/21/18

Reiki with Susan!

I’ve taken Reiki levels 1-3 with Susan.
I recommend any one who is looking to begin they’re spiritual journey and Reiki to take it with Susan.

Her classes were very in-depth.
The classes were very educational & informative.
Her knowledge is extraordinary
Her pricing is fair & affordable
You will leave any level of her Reiki classes well informed and confident in your own abilities.
Susan is always available for questions and or support.
She is the Best teacher and spiritual mentor. Not only that, the staff at Abundant Wellness are always so pleasant & helpful. It’s such a beautiful vibe every time I visit Abundant Wellness.    J Cotto 9/21/18
Bårbårå Gallo

October 19 at 5:55 AM

“Just want to give another shout out to  Susan at Abundant Wellness. I sent an email this morning to an area neurologist who will likely not be happy. Providers who listen to you and do not rely on medications to mask symptoms are the only providers I wish to utilize. The Reiki sessions with Susan have changed my life!! If you have been thinking of going- DO IT!!”