Lisa Seder, LMT, RMT, Intuitive Reader/ In-Tu-It Art, Shamanic Practitioner

Lisa Seder, LMT is a graduate of The Massage School in Easthampton, MA.  Her massage focus is with Swedish relaxation massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue massage with Trigger Point Therapy along with Oncology Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage Techniques. In addition she possess the fundamentals in Shiatsu, Reflexology and Thai bodywork.

Lisa is also a certified Reiki Master who believes in the benefits of intuitively integrating energy techniques with massage to deliver an effective massage experience.

Lisa  is trained in Oncology Massage and is grateful for the opportunity to have attended and completed the Oncology Massage training offered by Tracy Walton at CCMT in 2014.  This certification is of special importance to her, particularly after a personal experience with her Dad, when he received a cancer diagnosis. This helped Lisa to realize and experience, even prior to becoming a massage therapist the value, importance, power and benefits of human touch. Lisa is happy to say that today her Dad is in good health. Now that she’s certified in Oncology Massage, she cannot wait to share this amazing Massage experience with Oncology patients and their caregivers. ~ Lisa is also training to work with hospice and family care givers.

Lisa received her Hot Stone Massage certification in Nov 2015.
Lisa received her Marconic ‘No-Touch’ healing level 1 in May 2015.
Lisa has been certified to do Tibetan bowl healings in June 2016.
Lisa received her certification in Manual Lymph Drainage Techniques in March 2017.
Lisa received her certification in Shamanic Training in August 2018.
Lisa has been doing intuitive training for over 2 years and has developed a unique way to express her visionary psychic abilities through art that she calls In-Tu-It Art.

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Everybody deserves some time to relax their mind, body and spirit and allows her to do the work on any “tissue issues”.


I get my massages with Lisa Seder at Abundant wellness and Lisa gives a fantastic massage, but recently I had a hot stone massage and OMG ! It was too wonderful for ! The moist heat really helped my arthritis and my normally cold hands and feet have never felt warmer ! Treat yourself … You will LOVE it !!!  ~ GM