Kathi Munson, Psychic Medium

Danusia 020 kathiKathi Munson, Psychic Medium is a gifted psychic, medium, and animal communicator. Kathi reads both tarot cards and angel cards. With every reading, she works with her angels and spirit guides to help provide clarity of clouded thoughts and troubled emotions, by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future. Her readings will give you a fresh perspective on your life. Kathi can also connect with the spirits of your past loved ones, human or animal. Kathi is one of the three ‘Mediums at Large” who meet at the Center for the event ‘An Evening of Messages’. Kathi also works at the Abundant Wellness Center with availability for private readings by appointment.

Kathi Munson is a Reiki Master Teacher, and Certified Crystal Healer. Kathi along with the help of the “group” of Reiki spirit guides, healers, masters and universal energy will assist you on a peaceful journey of healing, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

To contact us or schedule an appointment call (413) 592-2828

Visit Kathi’s website:  www.intuitivekat.com


“If you have not ever done Reiki Healing do it and go for YOU and see Kathi Munson at Abundant Wellness Center” ~ Dina

“I have had numerous Tarot and Angel Card readings with Kathi Munson. She is precisely accurate and tells keypoints of my life. In addition she has been able accurately foretell my upcoming life events. Kathi is a gentle comforting kind woman with an excellent gift.” ~ Debbie B.

“I first met Kathi about 4 years ago. I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was looking for help any way I could get it. I attended a free seminar that Kathi was doing at the local library. The seminar was intended to tell us about reiki and energy healing.  I walked away from that seminar with an appointment to see Kathi in her professional capacity as a healer. Kathi has some fairly unique skills that she uses for her reiki sessions. She has many spiritual guides that assist her healing and often pass along helpful messages. I felt a great relief that day, due to the healing energy work that she did, as well as the messages that came through for me. The messages were clearly for me – not generic that could apply to anyone. Since that first encounter I have gone to Kathi many times for many reasons. I have had readings from both the traditional tarot from her as well as angel readings. Kathi always presents her messages in a kind, professional manner. I have found that her readings help to keep me on track for my life path.”~ D.C.

“I met Kathi almost 6 years ago, my sister was raving about Kathi’s readings and wanted me to go to meet with her. This was the first time I had a tarot card reading done and she made me a firm believer in the tarot on that day. On that day she predicted the future career that I am now in today. At that time I was in a business financial job and she told me that one day I would be reading tarot cards and teaching others as she did. I must confess I found it incredibly difficult to believe at the time, yet here I am, working for myself and doing exactly what she told me I would be doing. She also brought through the presence of my Grandmother who had been like a second mother to me. This was critical at that point in my life as I was suffering tremendously from her loss and she was able to tell me things only my Grandmother and I knew, thus validating that she was ok and looking over me. I have been taking classes with Kathi, I always walk out of her classes or workshops with the most amazing sense of peace and clarity. She is highly gifted and knows just how to lead the class with the help of her guides. I am constantly in awe of her accuracy as a medium and psychic. There is no disputing how gifted she truly is. In her Gallery readings I have watched countless times the expressions of people who are baffled by the details she is able to give them of loved ones who have crossed.” ~ Brandy

“I had four Reiki sessions with Kathi and always felt very relaxed and peaceful after each one. Initially I was stressed out with worry and concern about the future and aging. I was helped with very bad muscle soreness from over work with yard work.  Also, my jaw had been clicking on one side and with time it shifted into alignment. My very stiff knees have greatly improved.” ~ Barbara C

“I received a Reiki treatment from Kathi Munson a week ago, I never felt better. My energy shifted drastically, I used to allow little things to bother me, after Kathi was done clearing my auras I was looking at things in a new perspective, I was myself. I intend to continue this treatment with her at least once a week minimum, Thank you Kathi.”  ~ LD

“Kathi is not only a wonderful, friendly person, but she is also a talented psychic. She has opened my eyes to many things and also given me peace of mind about love ones who have passed on. The first time I had a session with her, I literally came out shaking! I couldn’t believe the things that she knew about my life and about me as a person. It was absolutely amazing! She has kept in contact with me since that day. I can honestly say that she is not only my psychic, she is my friend. Kathi, I look forward to many more sessions with you and I also look forward to your guidance in teaching me how to use my abilities. Thank you so much!” ~ Kara

“Kathi Munson is a truly gifted psychic. She is compassionate and warm. Her readings are insightful and her delivery empathetic and uplifting. It’s as if we’ve known each other for a very long time. She is a gem.”  ~ Carol

“As soon as Kathi started the session I felt so much energy, it was pretty intense but in a good way. I’m currently 6 1/2 months pregnant and it was exactly what I needed.  It was such a relaxing experience and also one that I will cherish, since  I could actually FEEL my son’s energy. Since my session, I’ve noticed an increase in energy in preparing for my baby’s arrival and have noticed a complete shift in my mind for the better; my patience has increased and having more peaceful moments has increased even if events appear to be stressful. Reiki really makes you take a step back, breathe, relax, appreciate what’s important and witness first hand how amazing and positively strong the beautiful dance between the mind, body and soul really is. I’m so grateful for this past wonderful experience and for Kathi who I find to be a professional, warm, loving and easy going person whose guidance makes you feel right at home.”  ~ Rina

To contact us or schedule an appointment call (413) 592-2828