Douglas Wilk

50470019Douglas Wilk began his career in health care as a pharmacist. The former valedictorian became disillusioned with his choice of profession, however, when he began to realize that traditional care alone wasn’t helping some of his customers at the pharmacy. Rather than getting well, their drugs often suppressed or masked their symptoms, instead of treating the underlying problem. This realization led Douglas to leave pharmacology and pursue complimentary healing techniques designed to get results, rather than smooth over problems. Quickly discovering that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

Douglas has made it his mission to explore different alternative therapies, studying various energy-based therapies such as E.F.T., Seemorg, Body Talk, and Quantum Touch. He is on a continual quest of knowledge for healing and wellness and works with over 100 different techniques.  Aside of private appointments, Douglas has facilitated the Quantum Touch 2-day workshops here at the Abundant Wellness Center.

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