Don Watroba

Don Watroba began his career in health care after retiring from a successful career in the food industry. His journey started with taking Reiki Training with Susan Lecuyer here at the Abundant Wellness Center. 

AWC had stopped offering the Ionic Footbaths due to Covid-19 restrictions and traveling issues for the previous practitioner. With the high demand for these footbaths for monthly detoxification sessions, Don looked into the best one available and found it to be the one with the copper tub. Don is thrilled to provide this service and the clients are even more thrilled with their results!

Abundant Wellness Center  94 CHICOPEE ST., RTE #116,  CHICOPEE, MA 01013   To contact or schedule an appointment with Don: CALL/Text (413) 923-8083  or EMAIL Susan (mention footbath detox):