Cheryl Whalen, RYT

Cheryl Whalen1Cheryl Whalen, RYT has practiced yoga off and on for many years.  About 5 years ago, she began going regularly to yoga classes.  Each time she went to class she brought her stress and problems with her but by the end of class those issues had melted into her mat.  In the process of focusing on her breath and poses, she became stronger and more flexible.

In 2014, Cheryl completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance teaching training and has been teaching regularly since then.  She’s taught chair, gentle, flow, hot yoga and a class specifically for men. Teaching has brought a new kind of satisfaction to her daily practice.  Cheryl shares with the utmost joy, that she loves watching the focus of students trying to master a pose and the joy when someone achieves a pose that they were previously unable to access.

Cheryl also states; “Yoga is about you, not the person next to you.  Your mat, your practice.  In this fast paced world yoga is something you do for yourself; it adds to your strength and flexibility, and is calming all at the same time.”

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