Susan Lecuyer , RMT, Shamanic Practitioner

Susan Lecuyer_1Susan Lecuyer, RMT  is a Reiki Master/Teacher  with the help of the “group” of Reiki spirit guides, healers, masters and universal energy will assist you on a peaceful journey of healing, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Susan recognized her gifts as a child. She could see auras, spiritual beings, as well as astral travel. As a young adult Susan successfully managed a large hotel until spirit interceded with a severe back injury which enlightened her. Then a few years later spirit intervened again with a life altering accident which she said was like she died and was reborn in an instant which lead her down true path. Susan went on to study Reiki with Kathi Munson and has received all her Reiki Master /Teacher Certificates. Susan is also skilled in Chakra Clearings, Crystal Healing, Guided Meditations and Shamanism which she often incorporates with her Reiki Sessions.  Susan teaches Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 the Master/ Teacher level here at the Center as well.

In July 2017 Susan started Dharma school and in August she completed Level 1 and was initiated into the Peruvian Shamanic Tradition and is a Full  Mesa Carrier and Medicine Worker. She will be completing  Level 2 in 2018.

What does a Shamanic Practitioner do?

Shamans work with the spirit or the soul. They heal illness at the soul level. … The shift of consciousness that the shaman makes, which allows the free part of his or her soul to leave the body. The shaman can then go retrieve information for your healing and growth.

Besides being a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, she is also available for Shamanic Healing Sessions.

Susan is available Monday thru Saturday. By appointment.

Testimonial :

I had the pleasure of meeting with Susan for a Reiki / Shamanic energy session. After experiencing years of crippling back pain … Susan worked her magic on me and helped to clear the ‘roots’ of my problem. The best healing session I have ever received … amazingly wonderful and life changing ! I can’t wait for my next appointment with her   : ) ~ Melissa D

I had an Amazing Healing Reiki experience with Susan Lecuyer. I had surgery on my ovary a year prior and still had pain. Susan was able to “cut the cords” still tieing the emotional pain to the ovary that had been removed. Bringing attention, breath, and healing into this area helped me achieve pain free days! And a new prospective, awareness to my health. Thank you Susan!

Julie Anne Homas    3/14/2017


Such an Incredible experience! I have been a Reiki Practitioner for 15 years. I decided to take this class with Susan Lecuyer because I felt I needed a ” Tune Up”. SO THANKFUL I DID! I realized that it was just where I was supposed to be. Not starting over, but gaining a New Perspective. New concepts , different way of Thinking , or not thinking . New information , different tools , Educating yourself is Never a negative. Susan is Truly a Gift To All she Encounters . Pure Light and Love , Beaming Straight from Her Heart. I decided to also continue onto Susan ‘s Reiki 2 class . So Blessed , and again the Experience was Life Changing. I thank God and Goddess For my Time and Education with Susan. Words can not describe what I have Gained , only Felt. Xo

Julie Anne Homas 4/24/2017

“I am amazed every time I leave a session. A total relaxation of mind, body, and soul.” – Robert Houle, 12/1/17

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