Danielle Batchelder

Danielle BatchelderDanielle Batchelder is a Lightworker Psychic Medium who engages in combination Angel/Tarot/Medium Readings to fulfill healing functions for her client. Danielle’s skills are a blended combination of clairvoyance, trance, telepathy, mediumistic abilities, and psychometry. Using these combined abilities allows her to see, hear, feel, and know the source of her client’s emotional or physical distress and needs. Danielle combines angel therapy, crystals therapy, Garden of One energy mysts, intention candles, and intention stones in her readings. She will give insight into your journey and help cleanse past karmic ties. Danielle has a unique combination of Divine given gifts and uses them for the optimal highest good. Danielle has aided in law enforcement cases and continues her journey as a Lightworker here through the Abundant Wellness Center. Danielle works out of the Abundant Wellness Center by appoinmtent only.


“I’ve had readings done with a few different psychics, but Danielle was by far the most accurate. She told me things about myself that only my closest friends and family would know and kept me amazed throughout the reading. I will definitely be back for future readings with Danielle, she’s the real deal!” ~ Josh Russell, Westfield, Ma

“Danielle was very nice and made me feel really comfortable while doing the angel card readings. She did three different types or cards and they all had similar outcomes. Danielle explained everything very clearly and suggested ways to improve my life by speaking to my guardian angels. I’ve had other readings in the past with her and I had the same results. I would definitely recommend trying a reading if you’ve never done anything like it… it will give you peace of mind.” ~ Natalie, Southwick MA

“Danielle, I think you have a very good way of picking up on a person’s energy and have hit it right on with me more than once. I hope you continue helping people, it is where you shine!” ~ Joan, Southwick, MA

“I would like to say a few words about Danielle and my experiences I’ve had with her reading my cards. She has definitely given me insight into situations in my life where I was having trouble. She always knew what was going on in the background of my life even if I wasn’t aware of it. She has a great insight even if she is not looking at cards. I believe that Danielle has the ability to communicate with the other side. I look forward to when Danielle comes to my house to do a reading on me. She always gives me things to think about and puts my mind in the right perspective, even if I don’t want to hear it. I know that I am meant to hear what she has to say or she wouldn’t be telling it to me. I know and trust Danielle, she is very truthful and would never lead me the wrong way. I will continue to have readings done by Danielle in the future.” Thank you ~ Michele M Jackson

“I have witnessed Danielle Batchelder’s abilities first hand when living in a single family home in Westfield. After hearing noises in specific areas of the house and feeling spirits in these areas I contacted Danielle to find out a little more of what was going on. Right away Danielle identified specific information about the person that used to live in the house and explained why her spirit was still occupying rooms. I was blown away by the details she was able to identify without previous knowledge of what was going on, where we were encountering the spirits, personal information about the spirit etc. Since Danielle’s help there haven’t been any more incidents in the house. I would definitely recommend Danielle to anyone that has questions, needs mediumistic knowledge etc. She really is a great person to work with!” ~ Lindsey Estock, Westfield, Ma

“I have a few things to say about Danielle. She is a friendly and kind person. She makes you feel relaxed. I have had several readings from her which were very good. Danielle is honest and will tell you what she sees even if you might not want to hear it. She explains things that may not be clear to you but can help you get back on the right path. I’ve had readings from some other people that I truly did not understand the gist of my reading. So it is refreshing to have a reading by her. I would definitely have more readings done by her.” ~ Robyn Burns

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