Melissa Dorman, Intuitive Reader

Melissa Dorman, Intuitive Reader

Melissa 2Melissa Dorman has been working most of her life as an “Invisible Healer.”  After unexpectedly losing her baby brother at the age of 28, she began a healing journey for herself.  Learning to reconnect and retune to different sources of divine energy led to learning the Akashic Records, which is where her passion was reignited.  The Records have become an invaluable resource to her, her husband as well as for their business and for their family.  She is gifted with the use of all psychic abilities and uses them during readings for herself and others.  The Record readings offer an opportunity for open dialogue to help one connect with the best version of themselves. Allowing one to receive loving and compassionate messages for self-growth or how to best approach difficult life choices.  She personally loves to consult her Records for pain management, couple counseling, diet changes, workout routines, challenging relationships, intense emotions, general guidance and best of all healings!  The healings done in the Akashic Records offer someone changes on a multidimensional level which can lead to positive shifts in your life.`

“I love the work I do and am so happy and grateful for the experiences I have shared with other souls while giving a reading or a healing.”


“Accessing my Akashic Records with Melissa was an amazing journey.  I highly recommend spending some time with her.  I will definitely be returning for further information from them.”   –Susan L.

“I asked Melissa a question about my spiritual practice because I knew my meditation needed to be customized.  During my Akashic Records Reading, Melissa tapped into a perfectly organic way that I can connect to the Divine during meditation.  It feels soul right!” ~ Debee B.


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