Kimberly Pearson, Psychic-Medium

20180113_190601_1515888400445Oracle card Reader. As a Child, Kim was different.  Society told her it wasn’t right and the differences that she suppressed as a child, she now embraces with passion.  Kim has studied tarot with Gary Mckinstry.  She immersed herself in the wiccan path under the tutelage of Sharon D’Angelo.  Kim’s desire to heal motivated her to aggressively study Reiki with Susan Lecuyer and Kathi Munson moving from student to Master/Teacher.  She studied mediumship with Gary Mckinstry, Kathi Munson and Tony Stockwell.  Kim longs to heal the mind, body and soul.  Kim uses her gift of mediumship in all of her work.

Kim is a gifted Medium/ Reader and is available for readings here at the Abundant Wellness Center by Appointment.

Please call 413-592-2828 to schedule an appointment with Kim.

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