Cera Strand, LMT

Cera StCera Strandrand graduated from the massage therapy program at Brandford Hall in 2016. She has devoted herself to helping her clients achieve their wellness goals through her passion of massage therapy. Cera believes that massage therapy is a powerful and useful tool in healing one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual being. She specializes in a variety of modalities including deep tissue, Swedish relaxation, trigger point, and myofascial release to develop a treatment plan specific to her client’s needs. In addition to her repertoire of modalities, Cera is also skilled with hot stone and prenatal massage. As Cera states, “It is rewarding for me to be a part of my client’s healing process as they focus on their own health and wellness.”

Previously before developing of love for helping others in their wellness journey through massage therapy, Cera was a stay at home mom. She has always enjoyed being outdoors and finding peace within herself through practicing yoga and meditation. She continues to spread her strength and knowledge of her own healing journey through that of massage therapy to all her clients now and to come.

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